ek娱乐会员开户网站|Xi says China ready to strengthen coordination with Iran, safeguard common interests

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that China supports Iran's reasonable demands concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear issue, and stands ready to strengthen coordination with Iran and safeguard the common interests of both sides.

Crumbling image of arrogant, self-righteous BBC

Amid mounting pressure, the BBC announced Monday a review of its editorial practices and governance after an inquiry into its 1995 interview with Britain's Princess Diana unveiled damning failings at its heart.

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人民网英文版:【组图:听#新疆#人民讲述他们向往的生活 ① 】每个人都有自己向往的生活。人民网“看见中国”采访团队走进…

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环球时报-英文版:【#日本两个蜜瓜拍出16万#,同比上涨22倍】 据悉,本年度“夕张蜜瓜”首次拍卖会24日拍卖的是今年首轮收获的…

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深圳日报-英文:【每日一词】Shakeup 改组。例句:Army chief of staff Attahiru was only appointed by President Muhamma…

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微天下:外国小哥画了一个【路上的水坑】 细致入微 这也太牛了吧 /t_cn/A6VxOHYz @YouTube上的搬运工 ?…

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微日本Japan:【#日本地方政府建议勿与外国人吃饭防感染# 被怒批歧视后道歉】日本茨城新闻社5月23日报道,该国茨城县一卫…

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微希腊:油管大神Ryan Shirley整理的欧洲Top100旅行目的地。简直洗眼啊!马了慢慢欣赏!/t_cn/A6VMNSgD @最神…

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Nole德约科维奇:Congratulations to Rafa. Still exciting to meet in the finals ???? Thank you #NoleFam# in China for all your support in Rome! ?…

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梅西LeoMessi10:Les presento Lay's Messi Messages! Ya le podés enviar videomensajes personalizados míos a tus amigos! ?? Conseguilos en messimessages.com ?? 隆重推出乐事梅西给你发消息!把我的个性化视频消息发给你的朋友!??登录messimessages.com,立即使用 @Lays_United. #…

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Rihanna_official:The way y’all skin bout to be litty! I hate taking too long for zoom meetings and dem early FaceTimes ??!! Get into this new @fentybeautyofficial #EazeDrop Blurring Skin Tint for that instantly smooth, blurred skin. #EazeDrop##柔焦羽感轻妆上阵# /t_cn/A…

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KatyPerry:American Idol finale is tonight! Guess who I’m singing with in the comments I’ll give you a hint - he may look like Ryan Phillippe ?…

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马布里Marbury:‘从泥土中来,到白云中去” 我为袁隆平先生的去世深感悲痛。尊敬这位用一生努力确保人人都有粮食的前辈,没有食物就没有生命。感谢您的大爱。爱就是爱! ‘Came from earth, rise above clouds’ Deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Yuan Longping. Respect to the human who …

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DavidBeckham:It’s such an honour being voted into the @premierleague Hall of Fame. My career playing in the Premier League gave me some of the best moments of my life and it’s a privilege to be recognised in this way. Thank you to all the fans who voted for me ? 能够入…

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